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DELoS Dottorato di Ricerca Development Economics and Local Systems


Before the end of the first year, the Program Committee appoints a Supervisor to each Student. The Supervisor is responsible for supervising all Student's research activities, specifically:

  • guiding the PhD Student in choosing his/her research topic
  • supervising the preparation of the research proposal by the PhD Student
  • cooperating with the PhD Student in identifying the institutions where to spend the research period abroad or in Italy during the second year
  • supervising the Student’s research activities during the second and third years
  • evaluating the PhD Student’s activities over the second year and proposing his/her admission to the third year
  • evaluating the PhD Student’s activities over the third year and proposing his/her admission to the final exam
  • ensuring the quality of the PhD candidate’s dissertation
  • ensuring the PhD Students and Candidates respect the PhD regulations and code of research integrity


Whenever appropriate, the Program Committee can appoint a Co-supervisors.

 Current Supervisors are:

  • Gianna Claudia Giannelli (PhD Student Elisabetta Calabresi)
  • Luciana Lazzeretti (PhD Student Paola Beccherle)
  • Donato Romano (PhD Students Agnese Loy and Nicolò Tomaselli)
  • Luca Tiberti (PhD Student Teresa Cappelli)
last update: 19-Oct-2021
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