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DELoS Dottorato di Ricerca Development Economics and Local Systems


DELoS inherited the tradition of the PhD programs offered over the past years by the University of Florence in the fields of Development Economics and Local Development.


The Alumni graduated under the parents PhD programs are the following:


  • Sergiu Constantin Burlacu (32nd cycle)
  • Stefania Camoletto (32nd cycle)
  • Eugenia Canessa (32nd cycle)
  • Angelo Laudiero (32nd cycle)
  • Leonardo Mazzoni (32nd cycle)
  • Francesca Paolini (32nd cycle)
  • Sebastien Payet (32nd cycle)



  • Luca Bortolotti (31st cycle)
  • Samuele Bibi (30 th cycle)
  • Cristina Cirillo (31st cycle)
  • Giulio Galdi (31st cycle)
  • Amir Magghsudipour (31st cycle)
  • Niccolò Pieri (31st cycle)
  • Filippo Santi (31st cycle)
  • Yue Teng (31st cycle)



  • Valentina Blandi (30th cycle)
  • Patrizia Casadei (30th cycle)
  • Stefania Galli (30th cycle)
  • Diletta Parisi (30th cycle)
  • Hamid Reza Oskorouchi (30th cycle)
  • Claudia Vecciolini (30th cycle)


Previous years

2017-2015   2014-2012   2011-2009   2008-2006   2005-2003   2002-1997

last update: 01-Apr-2021
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