The PhD program lasts on average 3 years, starting on November 1st and concluding on October 31st.  Activities are organized as follows:

First year

  • November: assignment of PhD students to Tutors
  • November – May: 3 terms (Nov-Dec, Jan-Feb, and Mar-May), each of them comprising 6 weeks of topic courses and two weeks of exams
  • June – September: research proposal development
  • October: research proposal approval, assignment to Supervisor and admission to second year

Second year

  • November – September: research activity and field work; at least 3 months in Italian or foreign research institutions
  • October: discussion of preliminary research results and admission to the 3rd year

Third year

  • November - May: research activities
  • June: pre-defence jury
  • September: final assessment by the Program committee
  • October: thesis submission to the external reviewers

After the third year

  • feedback from external reviewers
  • final defence

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