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DELoS Dottorato di Ricerca Development Economics and Local Systems


The PhD program includes two curricula, focusing on the following topics:


Development economics:

  • analysis of poverty and inequality, labour markets and informality, population and household economics, agriculture and rural development, gender economics, social protection, conflicts
  • macroeconomics of development, financial crises, global economic integration and regulation
  • international trade, international finance, global value chains, migration, international cooperation and foreign aid
  • natural resource management, sustainable development, climate change, shocks and resilience
  • evaluation of the impact of policies and programs, program and project management


Local development:

  • industrial and spatial economics and policy, entrepreneurship
  • business economics and management, organization theory
  • economics of innovation, inter-organizational network analysis
  • industrial district and cluster theory, urban and regional economics, sustainable local development patterns
  • culture, creativity and innovation in local systems
  • firm internationalization, multinational networks, global value chains
last update: 29-May-2020
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