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The city of Florence offers different types of accommodation that can meet the various needs and possibilities of users: hotels, hostels, residences, individual or shared apartments, single/double rooms. Availability and cost are extremely variable, depending on the location and services offered.


The University of Florence has only a limited number of rooms in lodging facilities. PhD Students can apply for one of these accommodations although there is no guarantee they will get a room due to harsh competition for it. DELoS Students can refer to the PhD administration to get help.


To facilitate students in the search for a suitable accommodation, UNIFI offers also a list of facilities that offer a specially agreed price or discounted rates for short or medium / long term stays.


The most common accommodation is to share an apartment with other students upon arrival to Florence. The students who wish to start search before they arrival can look at housing search platforms such as Housinganywhere.


More information on accommodation in Florence at the UNIFI accommodation webpage

last update: 05-May-2020
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