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DELoS Dottorato di Ricerca Development Economics and Local Systems

Past Dissertations

2020 DELoS Università di Trento/Università di Firenze

  • Sergiu BURLACU

ThesisPoverty, Violence and Human Capital Formation

Supervisor: Gabriella Berloffa - University of Trento

  • Stefania CAMOLETTO

ThesisBetween «communitarian» enterprise and local community: corporate welfare policies in some Italian contexts.

Supervisor: Marco Bellandi (University of Florence)

  • Eugenia CANESSA

ThesisMigration and female labour supply as shock coping strategies after economic crises and natural disasters

Supervisor: Gianna Claudia Giannelli - University of Florence

  • Angelo LAUDIERO

ThesisArt-based third sector organizations and urban regeneration in depressed neighbourhoods: the case of Naples, Italy.

Supervisors: Ermanno Celeste Tortia and Silvia Sacchetti - University of Trento

  • Leonardo MAZZONI

Thesis: Essays on the role of relatedness and entrepreneurship within Smart Specialisation Strategy. Evidence from Italy with a focus on Tuscany.

Supervisor: Luciana Lazzeretti (University of Florence)

  • Francesca PAOLINI

ThesisEmpirical Essays on Health Inequalities

Supervisor: Gabriella Berloffa - University of Trento

  • Sebastien PAYET

ThesisSouth America and Global Value Chains - Productivity and competition in agri-food industry

Supervisor: Giorgia Giovannetti - University of Florence


2019 DELoS Università di Trento/Università di Firenze

  • Samuele BIBI

Thesis: The State Again

Supervisors: Ermanno Celeste Tortia (University of Trento) - Malcom Sawyer (University of Leeds)


Thesis: Multidimensional Development and Inequality in China. The effects of the reforms after Deng Xiaoping
Supervisors: Mario Biggeri (University of Florence) - Giovanni Andrea Cornia (University of Florence)

  • Cristina CIRILLO

ThesisConditional Cash Transfers, Risk-coping Strategies and Aspirations:Impact Evaluations from Peru.

Supervisor: Giorgia Giovannetti (University of Florence)

  • Giulio GALDI

Thesis: Consequences of Environmental Degradation in Developing Countries: Adaptation, Inequality, and International Trade Patterns

Supervisors: Angelo Antoci (Università degli Studi di Sassari) and Nicolò Bellanca (Università degli Studi di Firenze)


Thesis: Knowledge Network Structures and Dynamics in Local Systems: Evidence from the Wine Industry.

Supervisor: Luciana Lazzeretti (University of Florence)

  • Niccolò PIERI

Thesis: The Fog and the Cloud: The emergence and development of social incubators in cities. An analysis of the urban geography of social innovation.

Supervisors: Ermanno Celeste Tortia (University of Trento) and Giuseppe Folloni (University of Trento)

  • Filippo SANTI

Thesis: International Investments Flows: The Role of Cultural Preferences and Migrants Networks.

Supervisor: Giorgia Givannetti (University of Florence)

  • Yue TENG

ThesisSouth-South Trade, Export Sophistication, and Terms of Trade: Empirical Studies on Developing Countries from 1995 to 2014

Supervisors: Geremia Gios and Giuseppe Folloni (University of Trento)


2018 DELoS Università di Trento/Università di Firenze

  • Valendina BLANDI

Thesis: Customer Uncertainty: A source of organizational inefficiency in the light of the Modularity Theory of the Firm.

Supervisors: Prof. Ermanno Celeste Tortia (University of Trento) and Prof. Mariangela Franch (University of Trento)

  • Patrizia CASADEI

Thesis: Unpicking the fashion city: Theoretical issues and ideal types. An empirical analysis of London.

Supervisor: Prof. Luciana Lazzeretti (University of Florence)

  • Stefania GALLI

ThesisTowards a New Technological Paradigm Based on Industry 4.0: Opportunities and Challenges for Innovation Policies.

Suupervisors: Prof. Mauro Lombardi (University of Florence) and Prof. Giovanni Pegoretti (University of Trento)

  • Hamid Reza OSKOROUCHI

Thesis: Health and Fertility among Afghan Women of Reproductive Age.

Supervisors: Prof. Donato Romano (Università degli studi di Firenze) Co-Advisor: Prof. Afonso Sousa - Poza, University of Hohenheim.

  • Diletta PARISI

Thesis: Non-farm Entrepreneurial Activities and the role of Non-cognitive Skills in Agriculture. Theoretical framework and Empirical Evidence from Ethiopia.
Supervisors: Prof. Donato Romano (Università degli studi di Firenze) Co-Advisor: Prof. Christopher Gilbert (John Hopkins University-Bologna)

  • Claudia VECCIOLINI

Thesis: Impact of Internationalization on the Cognitive Confirguration of Industrial Districts. Learning, Forgetting, and Unlearning Effects.

Supervisor: Marco Bellandi, University of Florence

last update: 03-Nov-2020
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