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DELoS Dottorato di Ricerca Development Economics and Local Systems


Name Topics
 Angelo Antoci  
 Francesco Amodio  Labour Economics, Development Economics and Political Economy
 Marco Bellandi  Industrial districts, local productive systems and local development in theory and in Italian and world-wide cases; regional models of innovation and digital transformation; territorial servitization; universities and third mission; place leadership and cluster commons; cultural heritage, Italian language, and made in Italy; policies of productive development
 Simone Bertoli  Analysis of the determinants of international migration flows, and of their effects upon migrant-sending countries
 Mario Biggeri  Sustainable human development, industrial clusters, social economy and social enterprises, poverty and well-being measures, children and persons with disabilities capabilities, international cooperation impact evaluation.
 Rafael Domenech Boix  
 Simone Borghesi  Research interests: globalisation and sustainable development, European climate and energy policies, the European Emission Trading System (EU ETS), economic growth and environmental degradation, dynamic environmental models, game theoretical models
 Annalisa Caloffi  Innovation policy, innovation networks, R&D collaborations, regional development, local development policy
 Francesco Capone  Innovation, open innovation, inter-organizational collaborations for innovation, network of inventors, clusters, industrial districts, network science
 Giulio Cifarelli  
 Fabrizio Cipollini  
 Gianna Claudi Giannelli  Labour Economics, Development Economics, Gender Economics, Education Economics, Migration and Remittances, Microeconometrics, Impact Evaluation
 Giorgia Giovannetti  
 Lisa Grazzini  International Fiscal Competition, Fiscal Federalism, Political Economy, Economics of Education
 Leonardo Grilli  Multilevel models, Causal inference, Methods for the evaluation of public services
 Simone Guercini  Business networks, marketers’ cognition and behavior, international business and entrepreneurship
 Jose-Luis Hervas-Oliver

 Open innovation, industrial districts, clusters and the intersection of management and economic geography

 Leila Kebir  
 Luciana Lazzeretti  
 Patrick Llerena  
 Lucia Mangiavacchi  Household economics, population economics, labor economics, policy evaluation
 Bruno Martorano  Development economics, inequality, poverty, subjective wellbeing, taxation, social protection and policy evaluation (experimental and non-experimental methodologies)
 Marco Missaglia  
 Mario Davide Parrilli  Small and medium firms; clusters and industrial districts; global value chains; regional innovation systems, business innovation modes and global innovation networks; social capital and migration
 Alessandra Petrucci  Survey sampling, spatial analysis, wellbeing, evaluation of educational systems,official statistics
 Tommaso Pucci   Management; R&D and Innovation Management; Science Parks, Industrial Districts and other Incubator Organizations for Business Start-up; Network Organizations; Management and Marketing of “Made in Italy” products; International Business
 Carla Rampichini  Multilevel models, duration models, causal inference, evaluation of educational systems
 Filippo Randelli  Economic Geography, The Transition towards sustainability, GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and spatial analysis, Sustainable agriculture and tourism
 Silvia Ranfagni  
 Donato Romano  Agricultural economics and policy, rural development, food and nutrition security, household resilience to shocks
 Daria Sarti  
 Maria Sassi Food and nutrition security economics and policy, nutrition sensitive agricultural development, food assistance, humanitarian-development-peace nexus, Sub-Saharan Africa
 Luca Tiberti  Monetary and multidimensional poverty; impact evaluation of public policies; socio-economic effects of climate shocks
 Ermanno Celeste Tortia  Institutional economics; HRM and personnel economics; regional development and third sector organizations; cooperative and social enterprises


last update: 30-Oct-2020
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